Place Cross 2015

Experimental Geography is a discipline that explores the distinctions between geographical study and artistic experience of the earth, as well as the juncture where the two realms collide (and possibly make a new field altogether). 
Geography benefits from the study of specific histories, sites, and memories. Every estuary, landfill, building, field,  and cul-de-sac has a story to tell. The task of the geographer is to alert us to what is directly in front of us, whilst the task of the experimental geographer—an amalgam of scientist, artist, and explorer—is to do so in a manner that deploys aesthetics, ambiguity, poetry, and a dash of empiricism.


This site attempts to bring together field notes, photographs, reference texts and art editions published under the name, PLACE. Much of my most recent work is concerned with a kind of re-enchantment, re-mythologising,  or fresh interpretation of sites and locations of interest to me.

“..Perhaps the reason that I’m drawn to the lost, forgotten, neglected, ignored and abandoned, [apart from a certain dark, melancholic aesthetic conjured from memory and loss], is that these places act powerfully on the imagination. I see the capturing of images, and coalescent sense impressions as acts of retrieval. My work is most often a futile attempt at reconstructing a half-imagined past, breathing life into that which is inert, giving voice to that which maintains enigmatic silence, re-enchanting that which has fallen by the wayside, obscured,  and mundane…”

excerpted from “Lithic” text work by the author, B G Nichols, 2015

NOTE: Titles on the task bar above, refer to published editions, available only from this site.
All art editions can be paid for via Paypal at: whitelineBN@aol.com
Art editions are generally available in small exclusive runs unless otherwise specified.
Enquiries via E Mail: whitelineBN@aol.com























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