Below: Following on from the success of our Pilot Edition, this is the draft front cover for Edition1, scheduled for December 2021, artwork courtesy Guy Dickinson of Tracing Silence.

AnMór are a group of writers and artists with a passion for promoting and disseminating creative works informed by landscapes lost, abandoned, forgotten, & mythic

ECHTRAI is a journal of writing and visual art, dedicated to bringing together the work of a diverse cross-section of writers and artists with an interest in landscapes lost, abandoned, forgotten, & mythic. Written works will include a wide variety of essays, poetry, poetic prose, short fiction, experimental hybrids, academic papers, and republished works on a bi-annual basis.

We published a Pilot Edition of Echtrai journal in Spring 2021 with great success, and are now looking to produce the first volume of the journal in Winter 2021. We are interested in writing about place, landscape, folklore informed by mythic imaginaries and a resolutely ecological sensibility. We call for papers which are experimental, magical and incantatory and which resist the banalities of ‘nature-writing’. We are interested in the multiple and complex relations with spaces, but also in new iterations and intimations of our ecological futures and radically new versions of, and revisits to the past. 

E Mail : Echtraijournal@aol.com

An interview with our Editorial and Creative Director, Baz Nichols here on BBC Radio Scotland : https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p09r65p5

The pilot edition of ECHTRAI Journal was published in the Spring of 2021. Edition 1 of the journal is due to be published in December 2021, and is now in process. Please visit the Echtrai Journal page for details and updates.  

You can now follow B.G. Nichols at Twitter here: https://twitter.com/BGNICHOLS5 /









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