AnMór are a group of writers and artists with a passion for promoting and disseminating creative works informed by landscapes lost, abandoned, forgotten, & mythic

ECHTRAI is a journal of writing and visual art, dedicated to bringing together the work of a diverse cross-section of writers and artists with an interest in landscapes lost, abandoned, forgotten, & mythic. Written works will include a wide variety of essays, poetry, poetic prose, short fiction, experimental hybrids, academic papers, and republished works on a bi-annual basis.

Our planet is shifting and changing. Since the advent of the Anthropocene era, we have dramatically altered the shape and climate of the natural world. Wilderness and ancient places are slowly eroding and in great danger of disappearing altogether as sea levels rise , and mankind relentlessly builds over its ancient roots/ routes and their narratives. The history of these places is in danger of being lost forever, or airbrushed out of existence by the insidious encroachment of technology. 
 AnMór was established to become the voice of these places of loss, and those marginalised landscapes that remain unseen, or unsung, lost and forgotten. 

AnMór attempts to bring together a diverse group of like-minded individuals with a passion for these  marginalised landscapes, with the common purpose of re-enchanting, and re-energising them, making them resonate once more, particularly with the younger generations that may have no knowledge of them. We want to tell fresh stories, create new myths, salvage old myths, and bring into the light that which has lain forgotten in the darkness of the centuries.

Echtrai is the first small step in gaining an audience, a platform for developing an ongoing narrative for landscapes of loss, and we hope very much to branch into other media as the project evolves and blossoms, so that our name becomes synonymous with those places that are in danger of being erased from the maps, and lost to history. 

The pilot edition of ECHTRAI Journal will be published in the spring of 2021. Please visit the Echtrai Journal page for details and updates.  

You can now follow B.G. Nichols at Twitter here: https://twitter.com/BGNICHOLS5 /

for orders and enquiries, email : whitelineBN@aol.com








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