Thorn-Cone, July 2014



Pine cone amulet, stuck with thorns. Despite the apparent violence of this object, it serves merely as a sculptural representation that will be transferred and secreted within the area of Orford Ness, Suffolk, some time in August.

The old Ness site was used for some time for the testing of bombs and munitions during the war, and I thought this piece would be an appropriate representation, an object-memory, a prop for the imagination, a discreet communion with the land nearby, which once resounded with the sounds of controlled detonations.. the single pine cone, is apparently benign, but when stuck with thorns, it becomes a weapon in its own right, physically, and visually warding off any creature that may stumble upon it. The Thorn-Cone literally appears as if exploding….a poignant reminder of the violent activities that once took place at Orford Ness.




























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