Placements, recent research..”Notions”


Acts of Transference  

“Spruce Circle with Honesty” 

Materials : a loose assemblage of spruce twigs, bird bones, “honesty” seed pods, grass seeds, feathers,  found elements from walks in Northamptonshire, 2014.

Transferred to: To be reconstructed at an undisclosed location in the New Forest, Hampshire,  July 2014

“…every excavation of archaeological sites today ends up with a number of things that have no obvious function. These tend to be catalogued as ‘ritual objects’ and are set on one side for archaeologists to worry about later, as those in the next millennium certainly will about the rocks, crystals, shells and pieces of driftwood they are going to find in the ruins of our homes…”

“…There are some things, perfectly natural objects, which get picked out and picked up just because they catch the eye. As fossils will. Triangular Shark’s teeth and spiral ammonites have been found out of context on Paleoliothic floors, chosen, it would seem for both decorative and symbolic value…..some were drilled to be worn as charms and amulets, but none altered in any other way. They were chosen and not made. Though these things may not have intrinsic value or practical application, the act of choice makes them very special indeed… it gives them not only extrinsic value, but an ability to soak up emotion like nothing else in our lives…”

“..the very act of handling objects over prolonged periods invests them with some kind of life force..”

“…these are not yet “ritual objects” , things involved in specific rites or ceremonies, but are already more than ordinary things , and need a new, more descriptive name. I propose to call them “notions”…”

Sourced from Lyall Watson, Biologist, Anthropologist, Ethnologist, et al..Serendipity Books, 1990












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