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Flag Fen Incantation

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Flag Fen Incantation


They might have lived damp, hungry, helpless lives

iron working;  dark relations

the first sight of rippled water

its majestic

windbitten substance

secreted in guttered, sombre levels




where earth meets sky, where land meets water

elementally conjoined


a scatter of stones, or grit

turf roof, bracken home

barren squall


owl-haunted paths

offerings –

one for the ring, a tie that binds two

one for the sword, broken in flight

one for the spear, piercing the heart

one for the bowl, for herbs and for life

shell necklace





skeletal bone

silently bequeathed to the waters,

an eternal reliquary

for corn

for hedge

for sallow

for sedge

for oak

for alder

for peat

for sunken mere

for oaken pier

for restless souls in time’s flight



Texts & Photography, BGN/ Eijls 2016


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