They Shall Not Rise…questions answered

Some shots of the box content about to be assembled. I will meet artist Tracy Hill on Sunday 11th March for the official signing of each box, they will then be ready to package up, and go out to all pre-order recipients. Boxes are now almost sold out.

Q: What is the logo on the front of each box?

A: The logo represents two worlds touching and intersecting, a graphic representation of the earth and sky reflected in each other , and the  land and sea meeting and conjoining, a metaphysical symmetry which must have been a powerful image to ancient Doggerlanders

Q: Why does the boxed edition consist of loose leaves and not a book?

A: This has been a deliberate decision for the last three boxed editions. It gives the recipient choice in how the cards are ordered or curated, in a way that uniquely makes sense to them.  Each text piece and image stands alone, and when the work was in process it manifested in no particular order. Loose leaves also give the recipient the chance to remove and frame images and/or texts if they choose.







































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