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This, the first Place Edition since As Above, re-mythologises the Helm, the only named wind in Britain.

Inspired by a tantalising reference to the Helm in a recently discovered publication, and through further research, I began to assemble and distil stories and anecdotes referring to the power of this wind from past centuries.The volatile Helm reputedly blew at certain times for several weeks, and was said to induce hallucinations and sickness in several of the local folk in the Cross Fell region of Cumbria.

It became apparent, that weather, particularly the wind, played a much more significant role in the lives of the rural population of Cumbria than we could ever imagine now. In words quoted from the opening pages of the booklet :

…It multiplied the rigours of their lives, compounded the hardships and poverty they already endured.  It blustered through their homes, affected their health, took lives, shattered buildings, and more significantly, as it blew on pervasively, it fuelled and ignited their imaginations…”

Thus began a journey into obscure anecdotal references and journalistic records to the Helm that have been passed through the centuries. Combined with poetry and “Helm-lore”, this document seeks to revitalise interest in the Helm, and consequently, the mythic power of this little known wind.

Accompanying the booklet, we commissioned a soundtrack by Dave Kirby, whose legendary power electronics/dark ambient project, Satori is currently enjoying a new lease of life, with releases on Reverse Records and Tesco Org. This dark, swirling, visceral work invokes the brooding power and majesty of the Helm, and the listener is immersed in the heart of the most potent of storms, that fuse the imagination, and simultaneously assault and caress the senses.

HELM – Original edition SOLD OUT, but reprinted version now available.

20pp saddle stitched chapbook with CD insert

Limited Edition – 50 signed/numbered copies – Reprinted 30 copies, Re-numbered.


Release Date: 15th June 2015

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