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Nearly two years in the making, Laments + Incantations is a collection of word-assemblages, text-trails, flashes, tracts, and images, inspired and informed by remote, mythic landscapes, mostly in the British Isles.

Subtitled “liturgies for the liminal places”,   this sequence of works charts my walks not across the landscape, but into it, assimilating it, dowsing for lost and dormant energies, sense-mapping,  and on the way, making and leaving offerings or “placements”, culled from natural litter, which are then re-presented, secreted,  recontextualised as votives – establishing lines of connection, energetic paths, tying and binding disparate,  remote places with imaginary threads.

I stumbled upon the word “kora”* , which for me,  best describes these walks. Generally a kora is a spiritual circumambulatory walk around or amongst sacred geographic locations,  whose goal depends not upon physical destination, but a form of transcendence, a means by which we tread a liminal path at the threshold of this world and the next.

BGN / Eijls 2016



Released: 8th February 2016

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A5 Ultra-limited collectors edition of 25 copies, Signed/Numbered

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Saddle stitched chapbook on finest Fedrigoni Tintoretto Gesso card stock


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