The Land Incanted



Limited Art Edition – 100 copies

A set of six unique art prints on specialist Tintoretto Gesso art paper, containing images by Zoe Taylor
A set of six texts by Eijls
A collection of short incantations by Eijls 
Found Objects

Housed in A5 black box, black ribbon

signed and numbered by each artist.

£20.00 + postage and packaging 

Published: 5th December 2016

FIRST PRINT RUN SOLD OUT: on 10th December 2016


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A continuation of the “Laments and Incantations” sequence of written and photographic pieces begun in February 2016, THE LAND INCANTED draws together the works of two artists – landscape painter, Zoe Taylor, and landscape/nature writer , Eijls

To immerse oneself in any landscape for an extended duration, is to allow place, and its multiple narratives to unfold through the imagination, and subsequently the creative act. To the sensitive mind, residing in a place and slowly attuning to it’s rhythms, flows, and energies allows one to become a conduit through which the land might be given voice.
Both artists here, use their own personal methodologies to create a space through which place manifests in unique and complex ways.

For Taylor, her works are not intended to depict a particular geographic location, but rather draw upon the energy of a kind of “generic non-place” that resides in, and through her imagination. Her paintings are visceral, material excavations, unearthing the hidden turbulence of the land, its shifts, pulses and striations. The locations of these works are often bleak, remote, storm-ridden, and her canvas invokes a kind of subdued, violent discourse with imaginal terrain.

Eijls, similarly “dowses” the energy of specific remote, lost, abandoned, mythic locations. His textual works, he claims are acts of retrieval, verbal exhumations of the hidden, forgotten, unspoken, which most often take the form of cryptic, poetic “incantations”. These incantations – privately executed rites, are accompanied by “placements”, assemblages of natural materials which he transports from one location to another, creating “invisible lines of connection, which bind one place to another”.

Both artists here see their works as portals, pathways into the unseen, numinous, ineffable pulse of the land.