They Shall Not Rise…

They Shall Not Rise Until Light Shines Upon Them

Ultra-Limited Boxed Art Edition – 25 copies

A set of unique art prints and texts on finest Tintoretto Gesso art paper

containing 8 fine art digital images by Tracy Hill
A set of 18 text cards & photographs by Eijls
A collection of short incantations by Eijls 

Housed in A5 black box, black ribbon, black spot-gloss cover band

signed and numbered.

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Published: 30th March 2018

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A continuation of the Land Incanted theme – They Shall Not Rise Until Light Shines Upon Them is informed by the lost, deluged landscape of Doggerland, sitting off the east coast of the British Isles. This is without doubt our most lavish, and comprehensive edition so far, and represents the culmination of a year of collaborative work between artist and writer.

At once mythic and enigmatic, Doggerland exists as one of the most pristine, unexplored archaeological landscapes in the world. Since before the turn of the century, trawlers have been dredging ancient animal bones and artefacts from the heart of the North Sea, definitive evidence that suggested the existence of a lost land, submerged after the great thaw of the Ice Age.

Archaeologist Clement Reid wrote of this deluged landscape in his 1913 tract, “Submerged Forests”, which was subsequently discredited by his peers, and long forgotten until  recent breakthrough technologies in deep ocean scanning and bathymetry revealed  networks of submerged rivers, lakes and areas of potential animal and human habitation on the North Sea bed.

Recently , a team from Birmingham University, headed by Prof. Vince Gaffney, and Simon Fitch have utilised bathymetric scans from offshore oil companies to analyse this landscape, and associated territories:

“…the association of human remains with shell middens may perhaps also be linked with water or water related activities..”

“Even the 21 antler frontlets at Star Carr, whether interpreted as sympathetic magic or hunting gear, may actually have been part of a special deposit at the water’s edge..”

“ ..Away from this imposing area of water (The Outer Silver Pit) , the 24 lakes or wetlands and the 1600km of rivers or streams recorded by project staff would have provided (settlement) opportunities for hunter-gatherer groups. They also acted as paths and tracks through the landscape..many of which led into the hinterland which became island Britain..”

Sourced from Europe’s Lost World – The rediscovery of Doggerland

V Gaffney, S Fitch, D Smith, CBA Research Report 160, Council for British Archaeology,  2009

They Shall Not Rise Until Light Shines Upon Them takes inspiration from this trail, and in a series of fragmentary poem-texts and incantations, invokes the lost landscape of Doggerland and the adjoining Fenlands of eastern England, its flora,  and its fauna. It explores the potential of water veneration being central to some hitherto unknown Mesolithic religion, a remnant of the ancient rites and rituals of ancient Doggerlanders.

Artist , Tracy Hill presents here a stunning set of dark, numinous images that at once recall bathymetric scanning technology, and deep insight into the hidden territory of Doggerland

a supplementary article on my interest in Doggerland can be found in Ernest Journal, print edition Number 7:


…lost,    vast waste of mud and marsh

severed by an inland sea

curious-weathered backwaters

a tide of souls         in retreat

from the stolen horizon

the wounds of time               eroding…



Excerpted from ; They Shall Not Rise Until Light Shines Upon Them,

Eijls 2018